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The Sweet and Michael Damkvist

No. Venue Country Date Remarks 1 Brøndby Hallen Denmark April 11th 1975 (The Sweet) 2  Falkoner Centeret Copenhagen Denmark February 13th 1978 (The Sweet) 3  Huset Magstræde Copenhagen Denmark November 28, 1984 (Brians New Sweet) 4  Gilleleje Festival Denmark summer 1987 (Brians

Lady Starlight

Andy Scott Lady Starlight

When I wrote “Lady Starlight” for inclusion in the album “Desolation Boulevard”, little did I realise that I would become
the first member of Sweet to release a solo single.

Andy Scott interview by Mike Ragogna

MR: Andy, How the heck are you?  AS: I’m absolutely fine, how’s the weather?  MR: Well, today it’s a little rainy.  AS: What you think of rain, we’ve had here…real rain, you know?  MR: Oh, then you’re calling from Britain?  AS: Yes, definitely.  MR: You’re always on tour

Sweet was born

Frank Torpey

by Frank Torpey My first band in 1962 was an instrumental group mainly Shadows, myself, Mick Tucker (drums), John Neighbor (bass) and Fred G (guitar). Next band 1963 /64 Dino and the Diamonds semi pro outfit. We worked fairly decent venues. We

Line Ups

1968 Mick Tucker, Steve Priest, Frank Torpey, Brian Connolly 1969 Brian Connolly, Mick Stewart, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker 1970 Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker, Andy Scott, Steve Priest 1979 Andy Scott, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker 1985 Mal McNulty, Phil Lanzon, Andy Scott, Mick Tucker, Paul

Waters Edge

I discovered this record completely by accident. One summer’s day, bored and waiting for a girlfriend to finish her holiday job, I dropped into Virgin Records. This, for those who haven’t heard of it is a huge record shop in central London.

Sweet Fanny Adams

It is the first true album of the SWEET that was released in early spring of 1974. It has particular importance, since at last the band that languished in the producers’ cramp and  were condemned to make single hits that were forced

Off The Record

Released in 1976, this is probably my favourite Sweet album. It was released in 1976 and was the follow up to ‘Give us a wink’ The review is divided into my usual three parts, my initial reaction, what I think of it

Level Headed

This is without doubt the most distinctive album Sweet ever produced. It is both very varied in itself and very different from almost anything that they had released before. In a lot of ways it was Sweet taking a risk. Not surprisingly,

Desolation Boulevard

This album that was released in early autumn of 1974 is one of the best albums ever made in rock music. As also its title shows – that is supposed to invoke Bob Dylan’s song, Desolation Row – its main topic is the disappointment,

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