Isolation Boulevard

December 18th 2020 will be the digital release date of the album “Isolation Boulevard”.

There will be a limited edition colour vinyl of both to pre-order with delivery early in 2021 and there will be a CD format of the album available sometime in the new year.

Pre-order the album here

Album Track list

01. Fox On The Run (2020)

02. Still Got The Rock (2020)

03. Action (2020)

04. Love Is Like Oxygen (2020)

05. Hellraiser (2020)

06. The Six Teens (2020)

07. Blockbuster (2020)

08. Set Me Free (2020)

09. Teenage Rampage (2020)

10. Turn It Down (2020)

11. New York Groove (2020)

12. Ballroom Blitz (2020)

Andy Scott: “Recording in Isolation has an array of technical obstacles to overcome – This album proves that with positive application it is not Impossible!”

Producer – Andy Scott

Engineer – Tom “TC” Cory

Studio assistance – Kevin Smith

Recorded, Edited and Mixed at Black Rock Studio, Wiltshire