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January 26th, 1968 Sweetshop were formed Friday the 26th January 1968, in a meet at the Swan (Mick Tucker, Brian Connolly, Frank Torpey) Ruislip. Nearly a week later Thursday 1st of February Steve Priest joined ! Frank was sacked from Wainrights Gentlemen,

Waters Edge

I discovered this record completely by accident. One summer’s day, bored and waiting for a girlfriend to finish her holiday job, I dropped into Virgin Records. This, for those who haven’t heard of it is a huge record shop in central London.

Cut Above The Rest

So there were 20 months between the albums Level Headed and Cut Above The Rest, punctuated by two failed singles both released well over a year after ‘Oxygen’. This means that the first point to make is that any momentum generated by

Andy Scott interview with Uber Rock 2013

Andy Scott – Sweet – Uber Rock Interview ExclusiveWritten by Jim Rowland (C) Uber Rock The good people at Angel Air are ‘Sweet 16’ this year, and one of the things they are doing to celebrate is reissuing a couple of Sweet-related albums

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