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Andy Scott/The Strangers

And Andy remembers: “I was with them for a few months before I joined The Silverstones. We won a Battle of Bands which would lead to a record contract but 2 of the guys had good jobs and would not become professional

Andy Scott Sessions/Sabre Jet

Same Old Brand New, Delicious Records DEL 101, Tracks: Same Old Brand New / Never Trust A Blonde / Ramona / That’s Not Really What Love’s All About / No Justice / Getting By / Just Be true / Something I Can’t Give

Andy Scott Sessions/Breathe

Chris Bradford and Andy Scott are on backing vocals on the songs “Hands to Heaven” And “If I Fall”. Andy also played guitar on one of the songs on the “All That Jazz” album. 

Andy Scott Sessions/A II Z

A II Z was a heavy metal band founded in 1979 who released two singles produced by Andy Scott. The two singles were: “No Fun After Midnight” and “I’m The One Who Loves You”.

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