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Re-release of Andy Scotts Solo Album

Andy Scott Solo Singles

Andy’s Solo CD is to be re-released with new tracks added. Release date: 5th of August 2013. Label: Angel Air. It all began with a song Andy had written called ‘Lady Starlight’, which was composed for inclusion on Sweet’s celebrated ‘Desolation Boulevard’ album. Producer

Andy Scott interview with Uber Rock 2013

Andy Scott – Sweet – Uber Rock Interview ExclusiveWritten by Jim Rowland (C) Uber Rock The good people at Angel Air are ‘Sweet 16’ this year, and one of the things they are doing to celebrate is reissuing a couple of Sweet-related albums

Andy interview

Andy Scott talks about Touring, Audiences, Childhood, First Record Bought, First Live Gig Seen, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Sweet, Marc Bolan, Traffic(band), TOTPs, The Jean Genie(track)/D.Bowie, USA, /Little Willie(track) and Ballroom Blitz(track). Interviewed By: Jackie Brambles

andy interview

Andy Scott in conversation with Dave Sweetmore. Recorded and Broadcast December 2023 on Tameside Radio (Manchester)

Holder And Scott

A couple of years ago Andy went to a Music-Biz lunch and met quite a few contemporaries from his past including a certain Slade frontman!

Circus (Live)


Have a listen to one of the new songs, Circus, from the forthcoming album, Full Circle. This recording is from the December 2023 UK tour. (C) Copyright Andy Scott

Strung Up reflections

Sweet looked like the result of a wild night in a drunken record company brainstorming session that posed the rhetorical question: “Where can we find a visually stunning group that will resonate with young girls, rock as boldly as Slade, play as

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