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Open letter from Nicola Connolly

20th August 1997. Open Letter to Sweet Fans

I believe that this letter is to be published in various Sweet Fan magazines. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for letters, cards and messages of goodwill following the news of my father’s passing. Special thanks to all who attended the funeral service at Denham and Ruislip. Everyone has been very kind and thoughtful, it is a great comfort to me and my family to know that so many people around the world cared for and loved my Dad.

Further to recent questions and enquiries from Sweet fans and friends, I write to confirm the thoughts of the family on the use of the name ‘BC Sweet’ or ‘Brian Connolly Sweet’ or ‘Brian Connolly’ or any variation thereof by the musicians who worked with my father in the months preceding his death.

I am particularly saddened that these musicians should use the name at all since I had specifically withheld the permission of the family in response to a letter from Dave Glover and a subsequent conversation with Jeff King. This band has gone on to perform as ‘BC Sweet’ following the death of my father. The first time honoured an engagement and became a tribute show. Subsequent shows have not had the approval of the family at all. I know that this bands appearance on a Christmas 1996 tour as ‘Sweet AD’ caused a major problem for my father who was always concerned that the reputation of The Sweet remained intact.

Nicola Connolly

June 1st 2004. Dear Sweet Fans, Following the death of my Father, my sister Michelle, myself and the rest of the family, have tried to keep a discrete distance from the ‘Sweet’ world. This was mainly done to try and give us all some ‘closure’ on what was, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, a very painful period in our lives. At the time, I wrote an open letter, shown on this website and in some fanzines, which accurately described our feelings with regard to Brians old band continuing to use the name B C Sweet. Even though it has been over 7 years now since my Father died, I hear that there is still much talk and conjecture regarding this and other events at that time. Let me say now that we are all very disappointed and annoyed that the band have ignored our wishes, and are still continuing to use either Brian’s name or his initials to promote themselves. We find it highly disrespectful, and can only leave it to others to ponder the reasons why they have done this. As to what they should be called is something they must surely need to agree with both Steve and Andy. We just want to ensure that neither my Fathers’ name, nor his initials, continues to be abused in this way. Thank you to everyone for all their support and good wishes over the years to myself, my sister Michelle, and all the members of Brians’ family.
Nicolla Connolly

Nicola was asked about the Hard Rock Cafe event, and that it had been reported/assumed by certain people that their participation in that event was effectively giving some kind of acceptance that the band were still called B C Sweet. Nicolla said that most of the contact for that event had been done through one of Brian’s close roadies and not through any members of the band. The family’s attendance certainly did not give any kind of acceptance, and she wants everyone to be clear about that. The events leading up to the supposed sacking of the band not long before his death. Nicolla confirmed that when Brian became ill, and it was clear that he had no choice but to cancel several gigs already booked. He was furious to find out that the band went behind his back and carried out these gigs without his knowledge and without clearing it with him beforehand. It was then that he ‘sacked’ the band and, despite story’s to the contrary, he never ‘made it up with them’ before his death.

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