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Andy Scott/Solo releases

Krugerrands Andy Scott

Andys solo career, such as it was, happened purely by accident. From 1974 – 1984 he released 5 singles in 10 years – the word is discerning or maybe lazy or possibly just very busy!

Andy Scott/Biography

Formerly known as the website www.andyscott.info Andy Scott: “I am a hoarder and to my delight and chagrin I appear to have kept everything. As a result everything you read an see here has been taken from my own personal collection of

Andy Scott/The Scaffold


The Scaffold were Mike McGear, John Gorman & Roger McGough they performed a mixture of comic songs, comedy sketches and the poetry of McGough, Which can be heard on their 1968 live album, they also released a number of singles on Parlophone

Andy Scott/The Cool

In late 1968, the Elastic Band wrote and recorded an album of vocal and instrumental tracks under the contractually anonymous pseudonym of The Cool. Although the tracks weren’t made commercially available at the time, it was a useful experience for the band,

Andy Scott/Elastic Band

Elastic Band

The Elastic Band rose phoenix-like from the ashes of The Silverstone Set. As mentioned elsewhere, the night they played support for The Jimi Hendrix Experience in Manchester was a life changing moment for Andy and Ted Yeadon. In May 1967, The Silverstone

Andy Scott/The Silverstone Set

The Silverstone Set

When he joined The Silverstone Set in 1966, they were probably the most professional outfit in the North Wales Area. They were a six-piece band – a drummer who sang lead vocals, Andy was the bass player, a guitarist, Hammond Organ and

Andy Scott/The Forewinds

The Forewinds

The Forewinds was the first “pro” band that Andy played with. The manager was the father of the guitarist and he ran the band as if it was a business. This was his first taste of discipline within the music business but

Andy Scott/The Missing Links

The Missing Links

Andy was about fifteen when he joined his first “Rock” band, The Missing Links. They were basically a rhythm and blues band covering everything from Chuck Berry to the Rolling Stones. The music was louder, brasher and to use an expression of

Andy Scott interview by Mike Ragogna

MR: Andy, How the heck are you?  AS: I’m absolutely fine, how’s the weather?  MR: Well, today it’s a little rainy.  AS: What you think of rain, we’ve had here…real rain, you know?  MR: Oh, then you’re calling from Britain?  AS: Yes, definitely.  MR: You’re always on tour

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