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January 26th, 1968 Sweetshop were formed Friday the 26th January 1968, in a meet at the Swan (Mick Tucker, Brian Connolly, Frank Torpey) Ruislip. Nearly a week later Thursday 1st of February Steve Priest joined ! Frank was sacked from Wainrights Gentlemen,

Trying to push our own boundaries

The Sweet’s Andy Scott: “The thing about the ‘B’ sides was we were trying to push our own boundaries”… By Zentinel Daily – Leeno Dee Well…here I am so many years on from hearing Wig Wam Bam as a kid – which literally and

Strung Up reflections

Sweet looked like the result of a wild night in a drunken record company brainstorming session that posed the rhetorical question: “Where can we find a visually stunning group that will resonate with young girls, rock as boldly as Slade, play as

New double disc vinyl!

This year RSD record store day sees the release of double disc vinyl version of Platinum Rare. Platinum Rare captures the four founding and original members of the legendary Glam/Hard Rock band The Sweet. This rare collection comes from the personal vault

Isolation Boulevard

Order the album here Album Track list 01. Fox On The Run (2020) 02. Still Got The Rock (2020) 03. Action (2020) 04. Love Is Like Oxygen (2020) 05. Hellraiser (2020) 06. The Six Teens (2020) 07. Blockbuster (2020) 08. Set Me

Why did Brian leave Sweet

Brian Connolly

On 23rd February 1979 it was announced that Brian Connolly had left Sweet, to pursue a solo career. It came as quite a shock for many fans. Connolly and the Sweet had just had a top ten single in the UK with

Sweet Fanny Adams

It is the first true album of the SWEET that was released in early spring of 1974. It has particular importance, since at last the band that languished in the producers’ cramp and  were condemned to make single hits that were forced

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