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Top Of The Pops

SongDatePresenterTypeStill exist
Funny Funny1st April, 1971Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
Funny Funny8th April, 1971Jimmy SavilePerformanceNo
Co-Co17th June, 1971Jimmy SavilePerformanceYes
Co Co17th June, 1971Jimmy SavilePerformanceYes
Co-Co1st July, 1971Jimmy SavileRepeat PerformanceYes
Alexander Graham Bell7th October, 1971Jimmy SavilePerformanceNo
Poppa Joe17th February, 1972Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
Poppa Joe24th February, 1972Jimmy SavilePerformanceNo
Little Willy8th June, 1972Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
Little Willy15th June, 1972Jimmy SavilePerformanceNo
Little Willy22nd June, 1972Ed StewartDiscYes
Little Willy6th July, 1972Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
Wig Wam Bam14th September, 1972Jimmy SavilePerformanceNo
Wig Wam Bam21st September, 1972Ed StewartPerformanceNo
Wig Wam Bam5th October, 1972Jimmy SavilePerformanceNo
Blockbuster11th January, 1973Noel EdmondsPerformanceNo
Blockbuster18th January, 1973Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
Blockbuster25th January, 1973Jimmy SavilePerformanceYes
Blockbuster1st February, 1973Noel EdmondsPerformanceYes
Blockbuster8th February, 1973Tony BlackburnRepeat PerformanceNo
Blockbuster15th February, 1973Jimmy SavileRepeat PerformanceNo
Blockbuster22nd February, 1973Noel EdmondsRepeat PerformanceNo
Hell Raiser27th April, 1973Noel EdmondsPerformanceNo
Hell Raiser4th May, 1973Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
Hell Raiser18th May, 1973Noel EdmondsPerformanceNo
Hell Raiser25th May, 1973Tony BlackburnRepeat PerformanceNo
Ballroom Blitz13th September, 1973Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
Ballroom Blitz20th September, 1973Jimmy SavilePerformanceNo
Ballroom Blitz4th October, 1973Jimmy Savile, Tony Blackburn, Noel Edmonds, Kenny EverettPerformanceNo
Blockbuster25th December, 1973Noel Edmonds, Tony BlackburnPerformanceYes
Teenage Rampage10th January, 1974Johnnie WalkerPerformanceNo
Teenage Rampage17th January, 1974Noel EdmondsDiscNo
Teenage Rampage24th January, 1974Jimmy SavilePerformanceNo
Teenage Rampage7th February, 1974Tony BlackburnDiscNo
Fox On The Run13th March, 1975Noel EdmondsPerformanceYes
Fox On The Run27th March, 1975Dave Lee TravisPerformanceNo
Fox On The Run3rd April, 1975Jimmy SavileDiscNo
Fox On The Run10th April, 1975Emperor RoskoPerformanceYes
Action24th July, 1975Noel EdmondsPerformanceYes
Fox On The Run23rd December, 1975Dave Lee Travis, Jimmy SavilePerformanceYes
Love Is Like Oxygen19th January, 1978Dave Lee TravisPerformanceYes
Love Is Like Oxygen2nd February, 1978Tony BlackburnRepeat PerformanceYes
Love Is Like Oxygen16th February, 1978David JensenRepeat PerformanceYes
Blockbuster5th January, 1984David Jensen, John PeelRepeat PerformanceYes
Blockbuster31st December, 1988David Jacobs, Pete Murray, Alan Freeman, Kenny Everett, David Jensen, Simon Bates, Mark Goodier, Peter Powell, Tony Blackburn, Mike Read, Paul Gambaccini, Jimmy Savile, David HamiltonRepeat PerformanceYes
Blockbuster4th January, 1994Repeat PerformanceYes
Action10th July, 1975Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
The Lies In Your Eyes29th January, 1976Tony BlackburnPerformanceNo
Fox On The Run23rd December, 1975Dave Lee Travis, Jimmy SavileRepeat PerformanceYes

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